Pay per Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay per Click online advertising simply put is an instant way to get your advert visible on search engines like Google and Bing. When people search online they are presented with pages of search results, in addition to these free organic search results you are also shown a range of Pay per Click adverts, or PPC adverts as they are known. These PPC adverts tend to be displayed as the first few results at the top, along the right side of the search page or even at the bottom of the search results page.

Advertising Google Adwords
You can pay for these adverts in the form of bidding, in other words you set your budget and the highest bidder tends to get the better placement on the search results pages. When people search, and their search is associated with your adverts via the keywords that have been set, your advert will be displayed. The idea being that only relevant PPC adverts are displayed to the searchers search term.

Getting the most out of PPC advertising is crucial to seeing a ROI or return on your investment. A poorly run Pay per Click campaign can be expensive and ineffective and needs to be managed correctly. At ASFO Website Services, I have many years experience of running these PPC campigns for many clients, in addition I have also taken and passed Google Adwords Qualification Exams. Contact Michael to see how I can help with your PPC online advertising campaigns.

Affiliate Marketing

ASFO Website services are also able to help you with getting Affiliate marketing campaigns set up and managed. There is a huge choice of affiliate systems that are available to use, some low cost and some very expensive. With many years experience of growing, running and managing affiliate campaigns for clients both large an smallĀ Having worked with most of the main affiliate companies I am well placed to assist you through this whole process.
ASFO affiliate Marketing
As with any form of advertising, both offline and online, you are going to need a budget. How that budget is spent is important of course, and ASFO are more than able to advise through any online advertising campaign and process, or even manage this for you. Contact Michael to arrange a chat or meeting.

Bulk Email Marketing

Sending bulk email to your subscribers can be a very powerful and effective way to get sales and develop your business, you can offer special promotions and keep in touch with your customers on a first name basis. Bulk email send-outs is such a powerful and cost effective way of business that it comes with some negatives, there are those who would exploit this method and those who want to use it as a means of promotion.
ASFO Bulk Email Marketing
There is only ONE WAY to develop bulk email promotion and that is to build your own subscribers and follow guidelines, you should stay very clear of purchased lists and offers to promote you by companies offering to send to their lists. The ONLY way to build your bulk email lists is to build your own by signing up people who actually want to be signed up and added to your subscription list, your website reputation can be at risk and you can end up doing damage for your online business by looking for short cuts.

Update November 2016: I have worked over the last two years building a strong and well established subscriber list for Chemist-4-U, having started from scratch, a valuable asset. I can help grow your email marketing list, get in touch to see how I can help your business.

I have many years experience developing bulk email strategies and customer newsletter interaction, from building mail servers to creating and sending out well-written and well-designed newsletters. ASFO Website Services can add ‘Newsletter Sign-up’ boxes to your website (either new or existing websites), fully design attractive and effective email newsletters, track opens and engagement and manage all aspects of your building your email subscriber list. Contact Michael to discuss how bulk email can help your business.